I would like to give you a question related to your document management. First, let me explain you more what document management is, just in case you barely known about this one. The document management is a system to manage your data and documents. The work procedure usually consists of duplication, distribution, indexing, storage and maintenance.

Today’s situation is all about the rapid development of technology. But, not all company aware about how useful technology is. If it is well implemented, technology can provide you with many things. When you are aware of the high technology implementation, then you are on the right track. Conversely, the conventional one leads you to the business lag. Then, do you still use the conventional one?

The conventional one in a document management means the manual management of documents. It means you should search a physical document, copy it manually, store it in a certain place and so on, which is very not simple. Many companies tend to keep doing document management manually because they think that changing affects many aspects, mostly to the workers. With this believe, they are staying on managing documents conventionally.

This situation leads to many problems. If you keep managing conventionally, then how do you find your documents? Searching documents may consume much times. Besides, storing documents physically in a certain place made you need more care for maintenance. It is not just about you and your documents, how about other workers who need your data? It becomes more and more complicated to think about it when it comes to a team-work or even multi-division’s work.

The more you ignore these problems, the more impacts you will get later. By keeping document management manually, the workers’ time maybe used up only for searching documents. The work becomes slower because it faces difficulties, only caused by lack of document management. Don’t you agree if it is more efficiently to use your workers’ time to do their tasks, even create more ideas?

This is your choice whether stay on managing conventionally or move to the right track. If you are convinced to move on, I have the best solution that you may need. The solution for your document problems is docuLib. Let docuLib bring a brand new digital era to your document management.

The features including OCR and indexing, multi scanning stations, tracking and notification, categories and user-friendly tree view, document history and provide sending to an email feature too. The underlined feature is digitalization document over the web, dynamic workflow, user or group access and share and backup. More benefits are going to be explained in this article.

The first underlined feature is digitalization document over the web. What does it mean? docuLib is web based application, make it easy to operate and save your maintenance cost. Even better, you can experience it from your smartphone.

Dynamic workflow in docuLib means that the users are able to create and manage the documents easily by drag and drop without any specific programming knowledge needed. Meanwhile, user or group access feature is a feature used for accessing the documents from a server. This makes specific users and groups can access freely the document.

Another marked feature is a backup and restore feature. By using docuLib, you can do regular backup, save the document to another storage and easily restore them to any docuLib’s servers. At the end, docuLib doesn’t only bring you a brand new digital era in the document management but help your workers use their time efficiently. The simple way of managing documents by docuLib invite your workers to create more ideas at work instead of wasting their time to manage documents conventionally.



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