at-Track Asset Management System

Asset Management System


Why People Choose at-Track?

Here's the explanation of benefits using at-Track Asset Management

  • Web-based software so it works on any device
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Slack notification integration for checkin/checkout
  • One-click (or cron) backups
  • Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
  • Asset Models let you group common features
  • Email alerts for expiring warrantees and licenses
  • Add your own custom fields for additional asset attributes
  • Assets Tracking

at-track assets management system

Technical Specifications

at-Track Asset Management System

System Features

Asset Management

Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the asset’s complete history.

Custom Status Labels

There are lots of reasons why an asset may be undeployable or archived. They may be out for repair, out for diagnostics, lost or stolen, or flat-out busted. You have complete control over the labels you create for assets.

User Management

Grant users access to reports, or even let them request assets that are available. Perfect for loaning out test devices. Each user profile shows their compelete history including assets, accessories, consumables and licenses.

Accessories & Consumables

Some things are important to track, but may not warrant their own asset tags and labels. Accessories let you track all things with it’s status like keyboard or mice available or empty.

Mobile Friendly

Its design with interoperability with many existing web browser, make it easier to run with smartphone, android or apple based brand.

Tracking & Notification

Asset tracking and notification will help you to managing the assets. Notification will deliver to your email mailbox registered in system.

Software Licenses

You get the same quick access with licenses, too. We’re working on making this even better, by letting you smartly handle multi-pack licenses with ease.

Backup System

Backup available for the safety of your data, and able to move to another server with our same assets management system.

at-track assets management system

Suggested Requirements


Server Processor

Intel Core i3


Server RAM



Hard Disc Drive



Network Speed

100 Mbps Full Duplex

Operating System

OS Suggested for Apps

Centos 7 Server x64 /
Ubuntu 16.04 Server x64

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