Document Management System


Why People Choose doculib?

Here's the explanation of doculib strength point

  • Can be direct print-out from server
  • Easily to share docs from e-mail or direct from server
  • and directly accepted by user destination at the time you send it
  • Save space and storage
  • Easily see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location
  • It’s exactly your product if you need faster time and cheaper price rather than an additional storage
  • Faster time to manage your documents

doculib document management system


Doculib Document Management System

System Features

Digitalization Document

DocuLib is a web based application which is easily to opearte and it’s maintenance. user can run apps direct from web browser without doing any installation on PC.

OCR and Indexing

Every scanned document will be converted into a text searchable to make user easier to search a document based on document index or it’s context. ( Only on Pro & Ultimate)

Dynamic Workflow

User can create and manage a document’s workflow with only drag & drop without any coding skill required (Available on Pro and Ultimate Only)

Multi Scanning Stations

User can scanning dokumen directly from their web browser and automatically a document will be saved to server. User can save document in PDF format.

User & Group Access or Share

Stored documents on your server can be shared to another user or group that you create or manage or connected with the document itself.

Tracking & Notification

Document tracking and notification will help you to managing the documents. Notification will deliver to your email mailbox registered in system.

Send to E-mail

Stored documents on your server can directly send to other people through an e-mail without need to download the document first. (Available on Pro and Ultimate Version)

Backup System

Backup available for the safety of your data, and able to move to another server with our same doculib system.

doculib documents management system

Our Clients




doculib documents management system

Suggested Requirements


Server Processor

Intel Core i3


Server RAM



Hard Disc Drive



Network Speed

100 Mbps Full Duplex

Operating System

OS Suggested for Apps

Windows Server

doculib document management system

DocuLib Version Choice


doculib version from Eco to Ultimate

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