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Whether your business is running in the context of moving people or products, mobility is revolutionizing your industry. Logistics and transportation industries see a growing dependence on mobile devices to improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase productivity. If looking at the other side, many mobile devices also mean; high levels of complexity, adding greater IT loads, and more. SOTI eliminates risk, and reduces their loss. We make it easy to deploy, manage, protect and support all your mobile devices; laptops, tablets and smartphones, enterprise-class or consumer-class. SOTI helps you deliver better than other products.

SOTI - Mobile Device Management</br>Secure and Manage your device easily
SOTI - Mobile Device Management
Secure and Manage your device easily

Usually driver required some device to help them reach their target easily, but you worried about your device will be stolen or perhaps they will stole it and sell it. don’t worry now you can easily remote your device anywhere even it’s so far from you. with SOTI – MobiControl you can manage all of your device activities and when or where the device used.

Cambium Networks</br>Faster your network with Cambium Network
Cambium Networks
Faster your network with Cambium Network

Your employee and management trying to use any fast connection internet with wireless solutions. to reach large area network, we offer you our Cambium Network Solutions to let your staff or your management had some internet access to search what they want and what they need.


Benefits from SOTI-MobiControl

Securely Devices

You don’t need to wory about your device getting stolen by data or the device itself, you can track it anywhere you want

Accurate Reporting Results

Provide accurate reports to user admin level management of your device on a daily, monthly or yearly basis

Control Access Restricted

Manage all your devices what they do and what they don’t. what they can access and what they can’t


Benefits from using Cambium Network

Large Area Coverage

with our fastest speed to reach every large area are still fast in every inch of coverage

Fast Network

You are no-longer will hear about slow internet in your company area

Full Support

We will support you if you encounter any problem around your network for 24/7

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