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Libraries and museums require an approximate funding and statistics of their visitors, and visitor counters will greatly assist them either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Such information can be made into consideration for how much labor is required and other financial matters.

Library and Museum solutions

Our Suggested Products

V-Count People Counting

Help you analyse what category of books that you need to fill on again in future.

When readers fill the library area, you will know how many readers that read books in some shelves or what kind of book that your libraries readers like to read. and to know how many people that enter your library with daily reports, weekly or monthly.

Cambium Network

Help your readers to enjoy the internet on your library

Library nowadays need some stable internet connections to make sure readers aren’t just enjoying the books, they will enjoy the music too or some e-books that they would like to read on there. we suggested you to use our products to make your connection stable and fast.

at-Track Assets

Help your librarians manage your library assets

Library or Museum always need some maintenance for their books and their assets such as PC or even books for library and some collective items for museum itself. to make your assets management easier, use our at-Track Asset Management System.

docuLib DMS

Help your librarians manage all the documents that you had

Library or Museum always need some back-up with their document’s version of e-book. with docuLib they can scan all their documents or books so they can manage all the document’s or the book they want and share it with all librarian.

Library and museum solutions

Benefit using V-Counts for Library & Museum

Analyse Potential

Analyse your visitor easily

You can easily know how much your library or museum visitor in a day, a week, a month or even a year

Accurate Report

accurately report result from your visitor

Provide accurate reports to visitors in and out of library or museum on a daily, monthly or yearly basis

Save Budget & Time

only re-stock what your customer need

In a library you will always try to have a new book to read. you only need to buy the same category as what your customer often to read.

Library & Museum Solutions

Benefits of Cambium Networks in Library & Museum

Stable Connection

Steady and stable connection

In order not to having a lagging problem, we provide you steady connections to ensure your customer doesn’t experience any slow connections there.

Fast Network

We proudly about our product's fast connections

Your customer will no longer had any experience about slow connections, our connections are fast (around 100 Mbps Full Duplex), so fast so you don’t need to wait to download large files.

Wide Area Coverage

Only install in area you want can reach all room's

Our product’s area coverage are the best. you just need to choose what the best for your library / museum and install it in safe area so all people in there will had a connections there.

Library & Museum Solutions

at-Track Asset Managements Benefits

Easy to track your assets

Manage your assets in simple way

In at-Track, you can easily to search any assets that you have and look-up at the status or location of your assets itself.

Easy to manage your assets

We proudly about our product's fast connections

With status view on assets table and notifications to your e-mail about your product’s status. you will easier to manage your assets.

Mobile Friendly

Not only in PC, you can open at-Track at your mobile device

Its design with interoperability with many existing web browser, make it easier to run with smartphone, android or apple based brand.

Library & Museum Solutions

docuLib Documents Managements Benefits

Easy to manage your documents

We proudly about our product's powerfull features

Easily manage your documents in simple way, fast and accurately. with a simple click, you can manage your documents and store it to db.

Easy to track your documents

Track your documents in simple way

with docuLib, you can easily to search any documents that you have and look-up at the status or location of your documents itself.

Back-up your documents easily

Easy to backup your documents in simple way

User can duplicate data from active server and transferred it to other media / another server to anticipated from losing all datas

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