As a retailer, do you know about your store’s condition? If your answer were yes, then do yo have certain benchmarks which are used to manage your products’ placement within the store? If you don’t have any, then you should re-check your system.

There is a device which is called as in-store analytics device. Have you ever heard about in-store analytics device before? Or maybe you are more familiar with V-Count? As we all know, V-Count is a brand that provides several products used for counting the number of people inside the stores. Not only for counting people, V-Count also has products called by in-store analytics products. Generally, you can say that an in-store analytics product is a device that analyzes the relation between all of the store components, such as lighting, mannequins, events and even the products themselves with the customer engagement.

After knowing about the in-store analytics products. Now, we are going to talk about products’ placement again. Do you know about the best products’ placement within the store? Although it seems easy to do, actually the product placement is the main problem related to the customer engagement.

For example, a same product that you put in two different locations, one location is the most popular area and others are not, resulting two different sales. The impact is not always about sales. In worse case, customers may think that your store design is not attracted, the placement are confusing and at the end they would think twice to buy goods from the store.

One of the V-Count in-store analytics products that can be your solution is V-Count Heatmap Camera. Before amazed you with the advantageous of this camera, I’ll give you a short description about V-Count Heatmap Camera. The camera’s dimension is perfect, which is only 137 x 100 x 38 mm. The average of monthly data usage is about 140 MB. You just need a PoE or Wi-Fi connection to transfer data. The device technology is quite good, it has fish-eye lens. The installation height is limited, for minimum 2.2 m and maximum 10 m. But the coverage is just great. For example, it can cover areas of 101 m2 as it is installed on 3m height. As an analyzing camera, the accuracy of the device is also one of the best among the products for same purpose, which is at the range of 96-98% accuracy.  Plus, it provides you a 20 years offline store with auto-synchronization.

V-Count Heatmap Camera is a customer tracking device. Do you know what it means? A customer tracking device is used to track and record the acts and paths that your customers take within the store. Let me remind you about the accuracy of the camera, it is at the range of 96-98% accuracy which is also a real-time based camera. Engin Yilmaz, a store coordinator of Hatemoglu, a Turkey’s first ready to-wear clothing company, said that using V-Count Heatmap Camera can increase their conversion rate by 15% and he also realized that it is more effective to make their merchandising and stock decisions on real-time analysis data, rather than on assumptions.

V-Count Heatmap Camera is also a smart merchandising decisions device. This means that by using this device, you can discover the popular areas within store and make decisions about your best product placement, lighting, positioning of shelves and mannequins. In other words, V-Count Heatmap Camera helps you improve store design that attracting most customers. Murat Gocken, Marketing Director of Hatemoglu said that since using V-Count Heatmap Camera, they developed the understanding of their customers’ wants and needs to make accurate business decisions. As a result, they increased their customer satisfaction and gained many loyal customers, who will bring them more recognition in the future. What a great double kick! Not only helps you in merchandising decisions, V-Count Heatmap Camera helps you more recognized by people.

Regarding to marketing budget, this device measures whether your campaigns are attracting visitors and whether they have helped increase your sales and conversion. Not only campaigns, it also measures on how attractive your new product line is. By removing the unattractive items in your stores, the device provides amazing way to save your marketing budget.

I think the technology brought combined with the benefits is a really great way to optimize the customer experience between the stores. In other side, the retailer also gets what they want most, which is more profit and more recognition efficiently.



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