Today’s workers tend to depend on mobile devices running custom business apps to do their jobs. In other word, we can say that business mobility is critical in today’s businesses. Does this mobility term only affect the workers? Related to the mobility in retail world, workers are not only the subject who are doing this, but also the shoppers themselves. Nowadays, shoppers are interested in faster and friendlier shopping experiences. Then, now we know that the first subject is the shoppers. The workers are just following the shoppers’ interest.

In every new situation, usually it is also followed by a new problem. How do you choose from the hundreds of new devices that suits the best to your business? Talking about mobility, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you need everything to work mobile together. It is not only about devices, but also endpoints, apps and back-end systems.

How about the impact of using device related to mobility? As we all know, making a change in retail businesses should always have impact to the shoppers. Mobility is changing the retail landscape as it is impacting the shoppers’ shopping experiences. Mobile technology can enhance the shopping experience even before your customer enters the store. How fascinating!

Conversely, if you don’t change you may lose your customers. Your business doesn’t develop as fast as others. To make it worse, your workers also face difficulties in doing their jobs.

The solution comes and helps you in all aspect of mobility. The device that I’ll introduce you connects all component of mobility, simplifies it and makes your business mobility smarter, faster and more reliable. SOTI ONE is an integrated device of mobility and IoT solution. The best choice for your workers that have advantageous to customers.

SOTI ONE has tagline, saying it is CONNECTING EVERYTHING. Actually, it is not just about connecting device. SOTI ONE has so many benefits that helps your business. The first is that it simplifies your business mobility. By using SOTI ONE, you can tear down mobility silos and connects everything including mobile devices, IoT endpoints, apps and back-office systems. Second, this high-technology device keeps your workers working. It enables IT staffs to remotely troubleshoot and fix mobile device and app problems more quickly and easily, even from their own device. SOTI ONE also creates apps faster. The rapid development makes it easier to evaluate apps performance and modify it.

Three benefits are still not enough to amaze you about this device. Besides, SOTI ONE manages all your endpoints. This is the best for your mobility management solution. Why? Later, your company may deploy thousands of new devices and endpoints, and as the best device for this purpose, SOTI ONE will continue on securing and managing them all.

The last thing about this multi-benefits device is that SOTI ONE makes things smarter. How? It collects, combines data from your mobile devices, apps, IoT and endpoints and presents those data in a user-friendly way. By doing this, SOTI ONE gives you the chance of improving them.

The idea of connecting all component of mobility along with several benefits provided is a best way to keep your business on the track regarding to the new business mobility era.



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